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previous tours :

    Jeremy Boissel

CEO, Human Resources, Finance manager, Graphic designer, Mechanic, Executer, PR

2006 - Tour de France
960 mi Mainz-Spain
Countries: D,F / Team rider
Persons: 2 / Days: 15

2007 - Tour d'Afrique
1,900 mi Mainz-Tanger
Countries: D,F,E,MA / Co-organ.
Persons: 3,6 / Days: 35

2008 - Lüneburger Tour
370 mi Mainz-Lüneburger Heide
Countries: D / Organizer
Persons: 4 / Days: 6

2009 - Eurasia Tour
3.700 mi Mainz-Haifa
Countries: D,A,SK,H,RO,BG,TR,
SYR,HKJ,PTA,IL / Organizer
Persons: 7,5,7,3 / Days: 72

2010 - Great Divide Tour
3.150 mi Banff-Juarez
Countries: CA,USA,MX / Organizer
Persons: 2 / Days: 50

2011 - Los Pirineos Tour
700 mi Biarritz-Canet
Countries: F,E / Organizer
Persons: 2 / Days: 14
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Team-Rider: David Brüg

2007 - Tour d'Afrique
2009 - Eurasia-Tour
2010 - Great Divide Tour
2011 - Los Pirineos Tour

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Kiva - loans that change livesKiva - loans that change lives

A loan of $325 helped Jairo Josué Gonzales Betancourth [Nicaragua] to buy chains, seats, cables, oil and grease

Jairo Josué, 25, has two children; his wife's a housewife. He considers himself a fighter since the business he's in is hard but he looks for a way to earn a living. He offers bicycle sales and repair services. He works everyday from 7am until 8pm. It's somewhat tiring but he works to improve his family's living conditions. He will use this loan to buy chains, seats, cables, oil and grease.