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Los Pirineos Biketour 2011 : Atlantic - Pyreneans - Mediterranean

14 days
705 mi
78,400' climb

Begin: 9-6
End: 9-19

Drive to: 9-4
Drive back: 9-24
Los Pireneos 2011

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tour :

   In 2011 we took a break ... not really. The year before, we rocked the Great Divide Tour through the Rockies from Canada to Mexico so we thought we'd pedal in 2011 back in good old Europe ... but not completely without upgrading on the toughness. So we headed off to the most stunning mountains of Europe, the Pyreneans!

   We did not hit the dust very long this time -only 14 days- but we increased our climbs from 3,550' to 5,600' per day. Because of this surplus in effort, we cut back on our distances from 63 to 50 mi per day. Translated this means, we took in 57% more climb for 20% less travel ... it was a new dare!

   2011's extreme bike tour was made up of 66% MTB paths and 34% paved roads. As usual we packed minimally, slept in the wild and cooked for ourselves!

   We began at zero feet of elevation on the Atlantic Basque shore in Biarritz, France and climbed the Pyreneans further south in Spain. There we met wicked grandiose nature and picturesque mountain villages. Coll de Pal at 6,900' was our highest pass along the way. On the other side and again at sea level we hit the Mediterranean Catalonian coast and rode up the Costa Brava and Côte Vermeille and ended our trip in Canet-en-Rousillon, France.

map :

Los Pirineos Map

Start was in Biarritz [France, near Bayonne on the map] and goal was Canet-en-Rousillon [France, near Perpignan on the map]. Most of the time though we rode through Spain. For a more precise map, you can download our full GPX-file. For daily maps, goto "blog - media".

elevation profile :

Los Pirineos Profile

Start and end at sea level, in between many passes. The highest are Coll de Pal [e] at approx. 6,920' and Collette de la Gralla [f] at approx. 6,760'. Some others, just to name a few, are Collado Lindux [a] at 3,850', Peña Oturia [b] at 5,840', Coll de Leix [c] at 5,580', Coll de Torn [d] at 6,320' and Coll de Riu [g] at 3,280'. All elevation data was recorded and can be found on our GPX-file. For daily elevation profiles, goto "blog - media".

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